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Laura is a spiritual director, pastor, and in the process of becoming a board-certified hospital chaplain. Laura earned her B.A in Philosophy and her M.A. in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Biola University. She was raised in a Baptist church and now identifies as an ecumenical Christian. After living in L.A. for 15 years, she now lives in Vancouver, WA with her husband and two young children.

In her practice as a Spiritual Director, she understands her role to be the listener; reflecting back to directees what she is seeing and experiencing in them and asking questions that lead to a greater depth of understanding of God and themselves. 

As a hospital chaplain, she considers herself to be a catalyst of Divine Love entering into sacred spaces where patients and families are experiencing the frailty and finitude of the human body, making significant decisions of life and death, and searching for meaning in all of life's circumstances.

In her calling as pastor Laura seeks to create space for those who have traditionally been marginalized by the church, especially women, LGBTQ+ persons, and those who have experienced trauma and abuse by the church. Laura's theological interests include how our experiences influence our understanding and beliefs about God, ourselves, and our "neighbor" and Christian Feminism.


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